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The Impact of Debt on Business

Financial education has never been the strong one in our country. What we should learn from an early age is reflected in adults who cannot manage their own money and less productive employees, which we know as absenteeism. As in personal life, the professional could not be different. When things don’t go well, the rest doesn’t go either. That is, work tends to walk in the same mood of everyday life.

And speaking of debt, the deal seems to be even more boring, painful. The accounts do not close, the salary ends before the month and everything seems that there will be no way.

Can you work well under these conditions?

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Have you ever stopped to think that your employee’s problem is yours too? Surprise! The organization is mostly made up of its staff members. When the gear does not rotate as it should, production drops.

This is exactly where I want to come up with this conversation. You can be that “oil” that will make the machine spin well again. Control of absenteeism has never been important as in recent times.

But what is absenteeism?

When an employee begins to leave, often misses, lives on a medical certificate and looks for ways not to work, this is known as absenteeism.

Imagine that the employee in your company is “clogged” with debt. During the work, your focus will be on getting problems solved by using the hours of service to do so. Tasks are left behind.

Why is controlling absenteeism important?

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Debt, experts say, develops depression, shame, stress, and complications in relationships. The result? The company will not produce as much capacity as it has. Deliveries begin to delay or simply do not happen.

According to a US survey by Winter Coopers, in 2012, 97% of employees used working hours to handle personal financial issues. Absenteeism is the kick for turnover. This means that, amid debt, employees are looking for ways to make money. The alternative may be a dismissal caused by the employee himself. What is right now is the termination money. The afterthought is that many will forget when their reservation is over and they are out of work.

Turnover has a problem in Brazil

In Brazil, according to a survey by consulting firm Robert Half, the increase in turnover in organizations was 82%, while worldwide, growth was 38%.

Turnover happens as soon as employees are laid off, others are hired, and this movement continues. Look how much you spend on it. Agreements, time with interviews, training, and board energy. Negative point for the company. Look at your organization now and respond to yourself. Do you know or have any idea how many employees are in debt or in debt? Has the survey on absenteeism and turnover ever been done? And deeper and more urgent: how much do these problems impact the business?

Surely with this exercise you will find that your employees need help.

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Or rather, the whole organization needs it! What drags this problem is that managers first ignore this effect. And second, there is a thought that there are only isolated cases.

Investing in financial education is a strategy that is hard to let go later. In a scenario where credit is easily offered and the economy is weak, the educational measure is beneficial to both parties. Employee well – company goes well.

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